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We Purchase Structured Settlements, Gaming Awards and Other Annuities

If you are the beneficiary of a Structured Settlement or similar annuitized periodic payment stream and now find that you need a Lump Sum of Cash rather than continuing with the monthly or periodic payments, we can help!

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In many cases, beneficiaries of structured settlements and annuities simply find they need a set amount of Lump Sum Cash and really don't want to sell their entire annuity balance.  NO PROBLEM!  One of the most popular options available through Cash Capital Funding for annuity cash outs is the "Partial Sale". 

With a partial, you simply tell us the amount of ready cash you need and we will formulate a purchase option based on us receiving a fixed number of future monthly payments.  Once the payments are received, the balance of the annuitized payments revert back to you.  In fact, this option is so popular, we now provide interested sellers with a FREE PARTIALS REPORT.  

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One of the best ways to determine if a Lump Sum Cash Out of your annuity is right for you is to request a no-obligation, confidential quotation or estimate regarding the amount of cash available to you along with the fully disclosed costs associated with your cash out.

To receive your confidential quotation, simply click the "Get a Quote" link below.  We will typically have a "top dollar" competitive quotation for you with 48 hours.